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software management specialists
  • Oficina provides a comprehensive range of professional management and accounting systems and applications for small, medium and large businessess.‌
  • We provide you with the tools and information to make informed decisions for your business.
  • Our product range includes support management and reporting on business operations. What do all our products have in common? They reflect our genuine interest in our customers’ needs and what they don’t have (yet).
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core - jobcard module
  • Cost stock, buyout, labour & sundries items
  • Print Proforma invoices
  • Reverse items or reverse entire jobcard
  • Stock exchange units
  • Print picking slips
  • Service and repair history
  • Email or sms client updates
  • Print comprehensive reports
  • Fully integrated into the general ledger
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core - stock module
  • Full inventory control
  • Automatically calculate minimum and maximum re-order levels
  • Single Point and Multiple Point Stock Take
  • Consignment to Customers
  • Consignment from Suppliers
  • Can upload stock images
  • Print a full range of stock reports
  • Fully integrated into the general ledger
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core - orders module
  • Order items for stock, jobcards or sundries
  • Edit and reverse items or the entire order
  • View lost sale items
  • Print stock labels
  • Process full or part orders
  • Print order reports
  • Fully integrated into the general ledger
  • Print comprehensive reports

Have control of


aspects of your
business with one of our many applications

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essential applications

Oficina Core is a collection of applications that are designed to manage every aspect of your business workflow cycle.

Core has daily operating controls which delivers real time transaction processing, reflecting the status of the business at any time.

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Oficina Assemblage is an assembly of applications used to streamline the management of your workforce and resources.

Assemblage centralises business tasks to make your business operations run better, simpler and faster.

ASB modules include:

  • Task Manager
  • Trip Planner
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Management
  • Equipment

coming soon!

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streamlining applications

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payroll made easy

Oficina Pay is a cloud based application that keeps payroll as efficient as possible.

This means a less stressed and more focused team, having more time to spend on tasks.

It can help with employee retention by easing the headaches of staff queries and unhappiness, increasing overall perception of the organisations they are employed by.

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Oficina Clock is a user-friendly cloud based clocking system which will be able to monitor employee’s working hours, leave time, absenteeism, late arrival and early departure times.

You are able to access your information and monitor your employees from anywhere in the world.

CLK key features include:

  • Electronic clocking system
  • Individual employee shift setup
  • Comprehensive employee details screen
  • Import feature for easy integration
  • Seamless integration into Oficina Pay

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simplistic clocking system

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free online support

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cost effective solution

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fully customisable

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cloud based