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payroll made easy

Is your business still using a manual payroll system?
Are payroll errors stressful and costly for your business?
Oficina Pay is the ultimate platform for all your payroll needs.
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Simplify and automate your payroll process with OFICINA PAY.
Key features:  
Process weekly, biweekly and monthly payroll with ease.  
Process and pay employees in just a few steps with Oficina PAY.  
    - Automatic tax, pension and leave calculations
- Customisable pay calendars, tax and pay rates
- Email password protected payslips to each employee safely and securely
Customise your employee payslips to match your company branding.  
Oficina PAY is accessable whenever and wherever you are!  
    - As our applications are cloud based, this enables you to access PAY from any location, at any time.
Use the built in tax calculator to give your employee a quick view of their gross to net pay value.  
Get FREE online telephonic support  
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Our Payroll Services:
We can take care of processing your payroll for you!
Payroll is often seen as a complicated job, so let us take care of this for you each week, biweek or month.  
    - We will update PAY with the salary amendments
- We will process the pay run
- We will maintaine all leave balances
- We will email your employees their password protected payslips
- we will prepare all documentation and files for SARS EMP201, EMP501 submissions