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JOBCARD MODULE is an integrated jobcard system which gives you overall control of your business. Jobcards are essential in a business in order to keep track of work that is performed for a customer.
Key features:
red arrow You are able to cost stock, buyouts, labour and sundry items on a jobcard. You are able to group items together in order to show one line on the invoice with a total amount. Cost stock, buyout, labour & sundry items  
red arrow Individual items or an entire jobcard can be reversed. If the item is a buyout, a goods return note will be processed. All stock items are returned to stock. Reverse items or reverse the entire jobcard  
red arrow Exchange Units is used to convert repaired used units into stock items. Spare parts and labour can be added to the jobcard for the repair of the unit. Once complete, the jobcard can be converted into an exchange unit and the stock file is updated with the cost of the unit. Process stock exchange units  
red arrow You are able to print picking slips for all the stock items that are costed onto a jobcard. Picking slips can be reprinted from picking slip history. Print picking slips  
red arrow The Vehicles File is updated with new vehicle information each time a jobcard is created and invoiced with a vehicle registration number. A detailed report can be printed which lists the line transactions of the work done to a specific vehicle for up to seven invoices at a time. View service and repair history  
red arrow If once a jobcard is closed and an item was left off the invoice or if there was an overcharge, then you are able to click on the Redo button which will open a new jobcard with the details of the closed jobcard and a full credit on the closed jobcard will be passed. Redo a jobcard  
red arrow Fully integrated with appointment book (ABK), buyouts (BUY), cashbook (CBK), customers (CUST), general ledger (GLR), orders (ORDS), stock (STK) and suppliers (SUPP). Fully integrated system