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GENERAL LEDGER MODULE is where all the transactions posted from the core modules are recorded. Our system is live, transactions are posted to the general ledger immediately.
Key features:
red arrow You are able to create new general ledger accounts and sub-accounts, move un-used general ledger accounts to history and easily view the transactions on each account. Create new gl accounts  
red arrow You are able to setup your budget figures automatically based on the last 3 months values or edit and adjust the budget figures manually. Setup budget figures  
red arrow You are able to post journals. These can be posted into the current and previous financial year. Post journals  
red arrow Journal batches can be created for journals that are posted on a regular basis. You can set up the journal and then set the batch date and period before posting. Create journal batches  
red arrow Financial reports such as trial balance, income statement and balance sheet can be run for the current, previous and next financial year. Print financial reports