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CUSTOMERS MODULE allows you to easily manage your customer accounts, remind your customers of the amount outstanding thereby keeping bad debts to a minimum.
Key features:
red arrow At a glance, you are able to see the total amount outstanding from all of your customers, the overdue amount and percentage and the total number of invoices outstanding. View overdue amounts  
red arrow You are able to setup your customer discounts for invoices, discounts on parts, labour, buyouts, oils, sundries and settlements, thereby eliminating input error at the time of invoicing. Setup customer discounts  
red arrow You are also able to setup a customer markup percentage and top up percentage. This markup and topup percentage is then automatically applied when costing items onto a jobcards and invoice. Setup customer markup percentage  
red arrow You are able to post transactions such as credit notes, invoices, journal, receipts etc directly onto the customer account. Post transactions on the account  
red arrow Easily view the ageing of each customer account as well as the details of each transaction. View customer ageing  
red arrow Send out customer statements, view customer age analysis reports and print other customer related reports. Print customer reports