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APPOINTMENT BOOK is an integrated appointment booking system which enables a user to create a booking for a customer and then convert the booking into a quote or jobcard.
Key features:
red arrow You are able to calculate the total available hours per day by selecting how many working days you operate on and the available hours per technician. Set the number of working days and available hours  
red arrow When making a booking, you are able to select your customer account or search for a customer using their registration number. All relevant details are then populated. Select your customer/vehicle to auto populate the appointment info  
red arrow At a glance, you can see the number of appointments, the number of booked hours and the number of available hours for the day, week or month. Easily see appointment summary info  
red arrow You are able to sms or email your customer reminders regarding their appointment. Sms or email customer reminders  
red arrow The appointment can be converted into a quote or a jobcard, transferring all the customer details, notes and descriptions ready for invoicing. Transform the appointment into a quote or jobcard  
red arrow Fully integrated with customers (CUST) and jobs (JBS). Fully integrated system